Only 20 min per Treatment
2-4 Treatments
The Alma SweatX solution is delivered via a simple, non-invasive in-office procedure. The procedure is performed without the use of drugs, toxins or surgical incisions. No anesthesia is required and there are no consumables or disposables, making it a hassle-free and easily administered and delegated treatment.
Prior to the first treatment series, a starch-iodine test* is performed to show where excessive sweating occurs and its distribution. Once results are obtained and analyzed, the iodine solution is cleaned from the skin and the Alma SweatX treatment is administered.
UniPolar Pro, 6 min per axilla
Using the Alma SweatX applicator, gradual heat is delivered to the treatment area in a continuous circular motion with mineral oil used as a lubricant. For treatment of underarm sweating, each treatment lasts approximately 10 minutes per axilla, with immediate improvement often seen after the very first treatment. Up to four treatments are typically recommended one week apart for optimal results.
CoaxiPolar Pro, 4 min per axilla
* Starch-iodine test – Also known as a “Minor test,” this is a qualitative test used to evaluate the condition of overactive sweat glands associated with hyperhidrosis. An iodine solution is applied to the skin and allowed to air-dry. Once dry, the area is dusted with cornstarch. When sweat reaches the surface of the skin, the starch and iodine interact, presenting a mild to dramatic color change ranging from yellow to dark blue. This allows the volume of sweat production to be actively visualized.