Try these expert tips to help reduce sweat and boost your comfort level- wherever you are.
Dress smart
Out smart sweat by choosing lightweight, breathable fabrics and
natural fibers like cotton.
Dress in layers
Wear an undershirt or absorbent tank to help soak up some of
the sweat, even during the summer.
Read the labels
Look for clothing labels that say the fabric wicks away moisture.
Spice isn’t so nice
Certain spicy foods, such as hot peppers, can cause you to produce more sweat. Other foods, like onions and garlic, can make your sweat smell worse.
Cut Caffeine
Caffeine is a stimulant which triggers your nervous system to sweat more. If you need your caffeine fix, make sure you’re in a cool environment- or near a shower.
Avoid Alcohol
While alcohol may help you feel more relaxed, it also causes your body temperature to rise, making you sweat more.
Remove hair
Removing body hair can decrease sweat-related odor because hair tends to accumulate more bacteria than skin.
To pre-treat yellow stains on clothing, treat the area with detergent, ammonia, white vinegar, a bleach stick or hydrogen peroxide. You can also try soaking clothing in water with a laundry product that contains enzymes.
Dry clean Magic
Ask your dry cleaner to have sweat-stained areas of your garments pre-treated for perspiration.
Or better …treat the root of the problem with Alma SweatX.